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Getting started with RC Hobby

Contributed by - Tim Gluth, January 20, 2015

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The R/C vehicle hobby is, to put it mildly, fun. If you’re into mechanics, physics, design, photography, racing, or just having a good time, you will find something to enjoy with these “toys”. Getting off on the right foot is an important step in ensuring you’ll enjoy the hobby for years to come. Find a Read more >>

Is Bigger Always Better in RC?

Contributed by - Preeti Juneja, January 8, 2015

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Large scale RC cars and trucks are not a new phenomenon. Since the early 2000’s companies like FG, Duratrax, XTM, Carson, and HPI have offered large scale vehicles (1:6 to 1:5 scale). They weren’t cheap at $600-$1,000, but offered a unique experience that 1:8 scale just couldn’t match. HPI released the mass market class busting Read more >>